Wednesday, March 28

Our next destination

My kids LOVE to travel. 
My son, Kevin got his first passport at the age of six months and I still remember the lady at the photo studio telling me that Kevin was not allowed to smile. Question : How do you get a 6mth old NOT to smile, when he’s been  prompted to smile in front of the camera since the day he was born??  My daughter, Mona also got her's at an early age. Their passports have been well used. Worth every penny!

They even know the drill when we're preparing for the airport: 1. Don't wear anything that will beep. (So, usual outfits consists of comfy track pants and tshirt with easy to slip-on/off shoes. My son starts to remove his shoes from the start of line at security. Such an eager beaver!!). 2. No liquids, (finish up juice and water before security check).
3. Keep all electronic toys in a small bag inside the big bag.
4. Mona's allergy meds in a clear “zip-loc” and labelled.

They have also become familiar with some airports we frequent - where the good eats are, which have clean bathrooms, you know, all the important stuff!

Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean areas are our usual stomping grounds but this time we want something a little more....I don't want to use the cliché word, exotic. It's not even necessary to be "exotic", it's just something special for the kids. Now, we've been to India several times, so we are not afraid to venture far and we get vaccinations regularly for our trips.

I'd like to take the kids to a place we dream about when we see it in books and travel mags. We thought Bora Bora would be cool but then I reflected a bit (just think "Couples Retreat"): it’s a place I'd like to go without kids. Just  the hubby. Morocco  came to mind but the idea of going around the markets with kids gave me palpitations.

Finally, the AFRICAN safari. No palpitations here (yes, Les-I did steal your idea!)

Though, the reality is, it won't happen right away. So, for now, a place I’ve been too, but the kids have never been....Jamaica! Here we come!

(A little beach ensemble I put together for Mona. Only thing missing is the perfect Missie Sunshine kaftan. I'll go create one right away.)

All accessories are from bluezoo.
Bathing Suit: Baker by Ted Baker.

Sunday, March 18



1. an inspiring or animating action or influence: I create because Mona is my inspiration.
2. something inspired, as an idea.
3. a result of inspired activity
4. a thing or person that inspires
5. Theology. 
            a. a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.
            b. the divine quality of the writings or words of a person so influenced. 

Where do I begin with this one? 

I feel like the nutty neighbour who's going to pull out the slideshow from their last trip to the Grand Canyon or cheesy shots from a week-long cruise. I'm NOT that person but here I am trying to find a picture of my daughter, after whom I have named my company, Missie Sunshine. 

A larger than life HUGE personality inside a  tiny body, that's the only way to describe her. From the second she entered this world and I saw her itty bitty face, I knew it. Even, at 8 months old she fought her 3 year old brother for a bottle of water and won. The determination she had to get that bottle was all the signs I needed to know from that very moment what kind of personality she would have. 

In a nutshell, Mona is LIFE. 

(I know there's a lot of pics. Trust me, I have thousands and thousands of her in various actions. I wanted to find the ones that had a special sentiment behind it. There is no special order. I'm not a professional photographer so bear with me! Like every other mom, we catch our moments when we can, with whatever we’ve got on hand .... Enjoy!)  

Life as Mona 
She's calling out to the cows in front of my in-laws, in India. She could  do this for hours.

"Look, mama! The kite will fly in that direction."

Yup, it's the Marilyn Monroe pose.

"Look, mama! One, two...chachacha!"
Superstar! Very popular pose by Mona.

After her 1st ballet recital, this hairstyle was a regular do for a while.

"Oh yeah, superstar!"

Mona, Mona

"Where's my cow??" Still waiting. (India 2007)

Mona loves watching the waves.

The innocence of childhood.

Mona and her Great-grandmother. Mona had the fascination of rubbing her arms.
Mona: "Mama,  I love big Ba's soft skin! It's so soft, I wish I had soft skin like that. "
Mama: "Mona, it's a lot of wrinkles. You have to be over 80 to get skin like that."

"I'm ready!"

Move over Spring, here comes Summer!

A whooping 21 degrees today! It feels like we're going to jump over spring and go right into summer. We had a freakish awesome winter this year, no complaints but still, my mind has been on seashells and sand castles. Creating beach/summer dresses will do that to you. Can't wait to see Missie Sunshine Couture on pint-size fashionistas around town. 

Today, we had the sunroof open and music blasting. The kids were belting away to "Don't stop believin'" by Journey. (I was a proud momma). We headed for the ski hills for one last run and the kids were on the slopes in t-shirts and snow pants. That's a BIG sign that the snow is melting and warmer weather heading our way. 

With the weather warming up this week, our energy level is soaring with a "feel good" mood. It's all the excitement about wearing flip flops and flowy summer dresses very soon.

And, we'll be busy cutting and sewing. Getting ready to for our launch/fashion show coming in April. Here's a little sneak peek into what we've been up to.....

Monday, March 5

Spring Break!! Cool or Hot vacation?

It's the perfect time of year when we're really sick of the snow and need a getaway. We need to rejuvenate and feel the warmth on our skin. We're not lacking the Vitamin D but just some temperature above O Celsius is a nice feeling. 
By the end of February, I'm feeling a little blue. The snow is melting to gray slushy mush and everything looks dirty. So, we pack up the kids and find the "best for your dollar" all-inclusive in the Caribbean. But this year, it's a little different. Instead of packing swimming suits and flip flops, we packed thermal underwears and skis(oh, as I type, my son reminds me of his snowboard, too). We head to the mountains to enjoy a "cool" vacation filled with activities we know to make the winters go fast in Montreal. (Skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hmmm, I detect a pattern, everything that starts with a "s").  
Why?? Well, it's close to home and instead of heading out with thousands other Quebecois families, who are heading South, we'll wait for their return and do it in April. Besides, there'll be snow still on the ground and everyone's back to their daily life, but this time we'll be sitting on the beach. LOL!
The best part, my kids think we're the best for giving them 2 "vacations". (hehehe)