Thursday, May 24

Summer lovers!

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Sunworshipper, beach bum, surfer dude, beach bunny, call it whatever youlike but summer FEVER is in everyone's DNA.

Thisbeach bunny is getting ready to sip sangrias and lounge by thepoolside. Others perhaps already have been dipping their toes in thesand depending on your area.   

Sunlovers want it H-O-T 24/7. 

Ilove the summer weather (and it's not because my birthday falls inAugust) but the sun just puts me in a great mood. I drive with alittle extra pep, the sunroof open and I drift off into a littledaydream of myself driving down the Malibu Coast. Reality check,the suburban streets I drive by look absolutely nothinglike my daydream. (Malibu Coast vs. Montreal potholes).

Inthis daydream, it's just me and my hair flowing in the warm breeze.No yapping kids, no husband/backseat driver, just me and the SUN!

"To Catch a Thief" image from
(of course, Grace Kelly and I have no resemblance but the effect is on point).

Sunday, May 6

One, two, three-LAUNCH!

Well, this definitely makes things feel more official. The day is coming......

Finally, all the hard work from so many people from different angles helped Missie Sunshine Couture turn into a reality.

Hope those in our area will be able to join us on this special day!